Generative artwork, analog print

In this approach, I write a computer program that produces images, and I use a mechanical plotter to transfer the drawing to a paper. The plotter does not have ink of its own, like a printer, and instead it relies on a pen or pencil - in fact, anything that can draw, it could be also a brush. I call the artworks made with the mechanical plotter analog prints.

Analogic prints

I use several media for analog prints, and they are all acid free and guaranteed to last for generations. The most common being:

  • Cotton rag or 'cotton rag paper' Cotton paper is superior in strength and durability, with some being certified to last for hundreds of years. High-end papers for watercolour can also be made of cotton. I use for example ARCHES Aquarelle paper in some of my prints. Rags can be also used in fine art digital prints, see.

  • Black paper, acid free I use black paper for my artworks with white or metallic pigments. See for example Untitled, Boxes.


If you want to learn more about the advantages of cotton rag, check out this article What is cotton rag paper?