It's there if you look, 2020

It's there if you look (thumbnail)

Circles are possibly the first geometry one learns to draw with code. One can drawing a “perfect” circle with just one line of code!

There are however other ways of drawing circle-like shapes, for example by exploring variations on its mathematical description. A circle is described as the all points that are at a given distance from a given point.

A organic look is achieved by applying variations to that distance - but not random variations, more of a controlled variation, by using noise functions.

A noise function changes over time, but in small increments - just like if you draw a straight line by hand, it will small bumps here and there. In code, we can control how often and how big the bumps are - and turn a perfect circle into a organic shape. The final composition is an iteration on overlaying multiple of such shapes - for some it looks like lemons, others see eyes - what do you see?