Everything is movement, 2020

Everything is movement

Everything is movement is an exploration of color and contrast using flow fields. An image of a sunset in Stockholm is used as a starting point for an algorithm which will apply forces and move small areas of the picture, in a way that simulates the movement of fluids - the air, smoke, liquids etc.

Tecniques Particle systems, flow fields, pixel manipulation

Simulating particle systems is a common technique in computer graphics and in generative design. Small dots in the screen are treated like little rocks in the real world: they are subject to forces like gravity and wind, and over time will move across space.

In this series, thousands of particles are dropped in the canvas, taking the initial color from a pixel of a photograph. The forces applied to each particle come from a flow field - another common technique used in fluid simulation, for example of smoke and wind. Overtime time, the force vectors of the flow field will move the particles, leaving a trail of color.

“The final image coincidentally reminds me of impressionist paintings, and the combination of color, contrast and reflection make it look like an oil painting.”


Prints are rolled, wrapped in silk paper and shipped inside a protective cardboard tube. Shipping via registered mail.

Certificate of authenticity

All prints marked with "Limited Series" are sold with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. A signature is also placed on the back, along with the series number. Signatures on the front face upon request.

About mock-ups

Some pictures in this website show the artwork in frames. The frames and mockups are for illustration purposes only. All artwork is is sold unframed.